Cloud Computing in the Classroom Resources

Cloud Computing in the Classroom

  • A brief summaryof how I use different technologies in my classroom 
  • Science sessions for NSBA site visit to Arvada West
  • Why use use cloud computing? To increase student achievement! With one login, students enter a world of collaboration and differentiation. They can...
      • Work together to create and edit a document or a presentation
      • View real time changes and update
      • Access their work from any computer – no programs to download
      • Send a teacher work
      • Receive teacher feedback
      • Take online tests, quizzes, surveys and assignment
      • Post a comment, question or answer on a discussion board
      • Get teacher feedback on a work in progress
      • Make up absent work
      •  Search an academic database for peer-reviewed information
      • See what the class agenda is
      • Show parents their work
      • Be at any computer and work anytime
      • Students and teachers can control who has access
      •  Keep a portfolio of their work
      •  Have lots of free data storage
      •   Have access to a huge help database
      • Have their high school work in one place
      • And much more!