Constructed Responses

6 steps for writing a constructed response

1. Read the passage at least once, then re-read the question carefully to decide all the parts it is asking for. Underline the key words in the question. 

2. Rewrite the question in your own words to make sure that you know exactly what is being asked. Turn that question into a topic sentence (called the POINT in PEA paragraphs) for your answer.

3. Go back to the session or your notes and collect the needed information. Make sure you get the relevant details/evidence (in PEA paragraphs, you will need three pieces of evidence). 

4. Organize the details/evidence into a logical order. Use the graphic organizer below if you need to.

5. Type your answer then re-read your answer to make sure you answered all the parts of the question.

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Constructed Response Rubric

Lynée Beck,
Sep 18, 2015, 11:07 AM