Article Report

Science is always changing. Facts are only facts until a new observation contradicts them. People make new discoveries constantly and our world view changes with each one. A great way to learn about the discoveries being made right now is to read science magazines and online journals.


1.      Choose any full length article from an approved astronomy journal or library database. Be sure to use an article that relates to something that we have studied in class. Cite the article using APA format. (consider using

2.      Read the entire article.

3.      Write a three paragraph typed report using the structure below. Each paragraph should be between 5-7 well-written and complete sentences. Use correct grammar, punctuation and mechanics.

·         Paragraph 1 – Summary

o   Summarize of that article relating the important details. Use no more than 1 quote. All else must be in your own words.

·         Paragraph 2 - Comments

o   What was most surprising or interesting to you? Why? Relate the content to your life and/or interests.

o   What concepts from class relate to this article?

·         Paragraph 3 - Big ideas

o   How does the science in the article affect everyday life?

o   How does the article change the way that we see the world?

o   What questions do you have after reading this article?

 Email the final copy to your teacher (


 Characteristic Points
 Source cited in APA format5
 Paragraph 1
  • Summary in own words
  • Uses up to one quote
 Paragraph 2
  • Most interesting/surprising information
  • Related to life and/or interests
  • Relates to concepts discussed in class
 Paragraph 3
  • Explains how article impacts everyday life
  • Explains how the article changes the way you see the world
  • Lists a least 1 question