Views of Space Webquest Guidelines

 Presentation Guidelines

Directions: Each category below contains information about what details you need to include in your presentation. There is no minimum or maximum number of slides you need to create. However, keep in mind that the time limit for the presentation is about FIVE minutes.

1.  A title page that includes the specific part of the EM spectrum being researched and its corresponding telescope or observatory, the names of all group members, the period, date, and name of the class.

2. Wavelength and frequency expressed with numerical values AND units. Where is this part of the EM spectrum relative to its neighbors (i.e. which parts of the EM spectrum does it fall between)?

3. How do we use or interact with this part of the EM spectrum, especially in daily life?

4. Telescope or observatory. Answer the following questions in any organized, logical order. When did it launch? Is it still in orbit? If so, where does it orbit (at what altitude)? What academic or scientific institution runs it? What has it discovered? Are there any pictures? If so, provide examples. Who was it named after? How much did it cost to build and operate? What have we learned about the universe from its observations? What instruments were on board? What is unique about this mission/telescope/observatory? Feel free to provide any additional information you find that may enlighten the class about this instrument.

5.  Pictures. Include LOTS of pictures of observations from the instruments and pictures of the instruments themselves. Provide the class with a brief overview of how the observatory or telescope works.

6.  Sources and credits. If you downloaded pictures from the Internet, did you provide the web address and give credits to the person or institution that made the picture?