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Solar System Formation

Use the following web resources to answer the questions.

Answer these questions on your own paper. Write out the question and answer or use CSIQ. 
  1. What is the name of the most widely accepted theory of solar system formation?
  2. What elements are most abundant in the solar system?
  3. How old is the solar system? What evidence is there for this age?
  4. Where is most of the nebula now?
  5. What object in the solar system can give us the most undisturbed look at the original matter of the solar system?
  6. What was the sun called before it became a star?
  7. What made the nebula start to spin?
  8. What are comets and asteroids? Where can they be found in the solar system?
  9. What is accretion?
  10. There are two types of planets: terrestrial and jovian. Describe the difference between these two types of planets. 
  11. What caused the differences between the two types of planets?
  12. What is a planetesimal?
  13. How did the shape of the solar system change over time?
  14. How did the solar system form?