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Natural Resources Choice Assignment

Use the following term/concepts/ideas in whichever assignment you choose:
  • Natural resources
  • Types of energy energy (kinetic and potential)
  • Forms of energy (light, sound, chemical, etc)
  • Sources of energy (fossil fuels, solar, wind, geothermal, etc.)
  • Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Renewable resources
  • Nonrenewable resources
  • Mineral definition and examples
  • Ore
  • Pros and cons of mining
  • Matter
  • Periodic table
  • BONUS POINTS: dark energy and dark matter
Product Options:
  • Draw a concept map
  • Create a comic series
  • Write a illustrated story book
  • Write a stage or screen play
  • Give a persuasive speech to the class
  • Create a series of poems
  • Write a series of songs 
  • Compile a newspaper ( has free templates to use)
  • Develop an online scrapbook (perhaps using Mixbook)

Grading:  Worth 50 points
  • Must demonstrate a 9th grade understanding of the material
  • Must accurately describe/use all the required concepts
  • Shows creativity, critical thinking and understanding of concepts