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Mass Extinctions Bookwork

Read pages 690-691 then answer the questions in your notebook using CSIQ

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1.     When did the most recent mass extinction occur? 

a.     How did it impact the life on the planet?

b.     What event is believed to be the cause?

c.      What survived the event?

2.     What caused the mass extinction in the Ordovician period?

3.     What is the mystery surrounding the late Devonian extinction?

4.     How much life on earth perished in the Permian extinction?

5.     What is believed to be the cause of the Triassic period extinction?

6.     Why is it difficult to know what causes mass extinctions?

7.     What is the pattern of when mass extinctions occur?

8.     Out of the 5 billion species that once existed on earth, how many are now extinct?

9.     What is the cause of extinctions that happen in the present time?