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Heliocentric vs Geocentric Activity

 1. Warm up

Observe the animation ( and complete a notice/questions chart as seen below. 

What I notice

Questions I have

2. Foldable notes

  • Each person will need a sheet of copy paper. Fold the paper “hot dog style” leaving about 1 inch at the bottom. Lift the top half and make a cut up the center so you are left with two flaps. On one flap write “Heliocentric” and on the other flap write “Geocentric”. On the bottom title section write “Early Views of the Universe”
  • Read the articles below and take notes on the heliocentric and geocentric views of the universe. Collect notes for each view of the universe under the appropriate flap. 

3. Assessment
Using the notes you collected on your foldable, create a cartoon or an imaginary conversation between Ptolemy and Galileo about geocentric and heliocentric systems.  Include both arguments and have one scientist change the other scientist's mind.