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Fossil Fuels and the Carbon Cycle

Answer all questions in your notebook using complete sentences. Be sure to label and date this entry!

1. Watch the video: Problems Associated with Fossil Fuels. In your notebook, answer the following questions:
(Absent? Read this article and answer the same questions as below- How fossil fuels are formed:
  • Why do we use fossil fuels?
  • What are some problems associated with using fossil fuels?
  • How are fossil fuels formed?

2. Read: - answer the following questions in your notebook:
  • List the places where carbon is found on Earth. 
  • Why is carbon important to the Earth system?
  • Why is carbon sometimes hazardous?

3. Play the game at: You will be playing the role of a carbon atom traveling through the carbon cycle. 
  • Take notes on where you travel during the game.

4. Answer the following questions in your notebook after you finish the game:
  • How many stops can you make on your trip?
  • Will your journey ever end?
  • Was everyone’s journey the same? Why not?
  • What would happen if we burned more fossil fuels?

5. Homework: Choose ONE of the following assignments to complete in your notebook.
  • Write a paragraph or two about your trip through the carbon cycle. Include information about (1) where you went, and (2) how you got to each destination.
  • Create a detailed "map" documenting your journey through the carbon cycle.