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EMS Poster Wars

Your assigned team will choose a section of the EMS and research it. Next class period, you will have exactly 50 minutes to design a poster. At the 50 minute mark, your poster must be hanging in the appropriate place to earn a grade. The class will use the posters for a gallery walk and to vote on the best class poster to elevate to the final  round of voting.

The poster “war” comes in during the final round of voting... after all participating classes have their posters completed, our class poster will be competing to get the most votes from anyone and everyone in the school. The poster with the most votes will win prizes!

  • poster paper that is 60 cm wide (cut it to fit)
  • Markers, colored pencils, crayons
  • construction paper
  • masking and scotch tape
  • other items that you bring from home (okay for the objects to be “3D”, must be securely attached to the poster and not be items of value. Ideas…Christmas lights, stickers, glow sticks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter…)


Orient your paper vertically!


Name of wave


EXACT drawing of wave

·         Midline drawn horizontally exactly halfway down paper

·         Draw exactly 5 waves (a wave is crest to crest, trough to trough or midline to midline)

·         crest (highest part of the wave) and troughs (lowest part of the wave) drawn according to the following information:

radio - 30 cm

microwave - 25 cm

infrared – 20 cm

visible - 15 cm

ultraviolet - 10 cm

xray - 5 cm

gamma - 2 cm


Frequency range in which it occurs


How this type of wave is generated


Speed that the wave travels at


Astronomical uses

  • What are we able to see with the instrument/telescope/observatory that can see space in this wavelength?
  • What have we learned by using this wavelength to study space? (at least 3 but more will win you more votes!)
  • Give an example of an instrument (maybe a telescope?) that detects your wavelength.
  • Give its location on Earth or out in space.




Everyday uses (at least 3 but more will win you more votes!)


Poster is colorful, bold and uses pictures!


Has group members names and class period on the back of the poster






How waves are used in everyday life and in space:
Lynée Beck,
Sep 7, 2011, 11:06 AM
Lynée Beck,
Sep 7, 2011, 11:06 AM
Lynée Beck,
Sep 7, 2011, 11:06 AM