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Earth Science Online Resources


Chemistry Review

Chem4Kids - lots of tutorials and graphics

Its Elemental - Element review games

Tutorial on balancing equations

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Demo

Natural Resources

Online Quiz
Sources of Energy Quiz
Practice Test
Practice Balancing Equations
Vocab Flashcards
Chemical Equations Quiz
Review Game
Buy Differently
Biodiversity: Preserving Species
Take an online field trip!
Protecting our waters
The Truth About Sponge Bob
Air Pollution 
Don't be an energy hog! 
Global Warming
Vermi the Worm recycles
Rainforest Heroes
Get Active!

Geologic Time

Earth History Hangman Game
Excellent Review and practice quiz questions 

Plate Tectonics

Vocabulary Hangman Game 
Geology Lab Hangman Game 
Animations of the plate boundaries 


Current lightning strikes

Recipe for weather

Cloud matching game

Interactive Weather Forecast game

NASA's Wild Weather Adventure game

Weather games


The Mars Polar Lander is lost! Can you help NASA find it?

Real time satellite tracking

NASA launch schedule


A TON of cool search engines!

Sploder - Perfect for future game designers

Google Labs - Google's "technology playground"!

World Clock - see up to the minute changes on Earth


All About Einstein -  one of the great thinkers of our time

Alternatives to dissection - resources for students

At home experiments - Try science at home

Bill Nye Labs - The coolest scientist and fun labs

Engineer your life - Engineering for high school girls

Extreme Science - Anything and everything extreme

Fear of Physics - Don't fear it, love it!

How to Study Effectively - Great tips

Imagination Cubed - Create a design and send it to anyone

Mad Scientist - cool site for future scientists

Science Homework Helper - Get your questions answered here

Science of Cooking-  science out of the laboratory

Student Study Tips - directly from students

The Toxic House - What is toxic in YOUR house?

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet –  Love the yuck?