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Earth Science Extra Credit


All extra credit is due by the last day of the semester, before the final exam. 
If you have no zeroes by the last day of the semester, extra credit work will be added to your grade. 
Each project below is worth 2% of the final course grade. You may complete up to 5 per semester.

Semester 1 Options

  • SEASONS SURVEYDirections here.

  • SPACE SPIN OFFS PROJECT: Directions here.

  • FOLKTALES: Choose a popular saying about weather (such as "red sky at night, sailor's delight") and research the accuracy and science behind the saying. Write a 1 page detailed report of your findings. Be sure to use concepts and terms studied in class. Include at least 3 sources that you consulted in your bibliography. 

  • TELEVISION: Compare three television forecasters to see which one is the most accurate for a four-day period. Write a one page report of which forecast you would recommend and why.
  • ENGINEERINGBuild a weather instrument -- build and test a weather instrument and write a one page report on how you built it, how it works, and how accurate the instrument is. (barometer, anemometer, hygrometer, psychrometer, thermometer)
  • COMPARING: Pick a city on the same line of latitude as the Denver area (at least two states away) and keep track of their weather (temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction, etc…) and our weather for a minimum of five consecutive days. Graph the results and write a conclusion.
  • CURRENT EVENT: Earth Science Article Report- see instruction sheet at the bottom of the page in the attachments section.
  • GRAPHIC ORGANIZER: Create a concept map for the current unit as a test review and turn it in on the day of the test.

  • MISCONCEPTIONS: Find any references to astronomy that are presented incorrectly to the public and write a one to two page report explaining the inaccuracy.
  • FIELD TRIP: Attend a public viewing at an observatory such as the FIske or Chamberlin. More information HERE. Draw and describe 10 observations that you make while at the observatory. Have an observatory staff member sign your paper and provide an accurate phone number on your completed paper.

  • FIELD TRIP: Attend a Thursday night talk at the Fiske planetarium in Boulder. You must show your student ID to get in free. Write a 1-2 page report of what you learned. 

  • SOLAR SYSTEM: Create a brochure that explains and illustrates the "10 Wonders of the Solar System". Of course, you will have to research the components of the solar system (moons, planets, asteroids, meteoroids, plutoids, kuiper belt objects, oort cloud, sedna, comets and the sun) and decide for yourself what the 10 wonders are. Brochure can be handmade or completed on the computer - either way, have lots of color, make it neat, include pictures and accurate information that is in your own words. 

  • FASHION: Decorate a t-shirt with an astronomy theme. Wear it to class for a quick show & tell.

  • PSEUDOSCIENCE: Research a pseudoscience (astrology, ESP, paranormal, flat earth, etc). In a 1-2 page paper, explain what the pseudoscience is, how it works and why it is not considered a science. 

  • FIELD TRIP: Visit the Museum of Nature and Science to view the an IMAX show related to Astronomy or Geology. Give your ticket stub to Mrs. ZB and tell her your favorite facts that you learned. Current showtimes:

  • YOUR IDEA: Have an idea for a project? Discuss with Mrs. ZB before starting.

Semester 2 Options

o    COLORADO ASTRONOMY DAY: See instructions and information here

o    CREATIVE WRITING: Write a two page (typed) story about a trip to the bottom of the ocean to make observations about the mid ocean ridge. 

o    CARTOONS: Create a series of cartoons that illustrates at least 10 events in geologic time. Use text in your cartoons to describe the events in detail.

o    ESSAY: Write a two page essay comparing and contrasting the theories that explain the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

o    CREATIVE WRITING: Write a children’s story book about life before modern humans. 

o    GRAPHIC ORGANIZER: Create a compare/contrast venn diagram of two or more eras of geologic time.

o    TIMELINE: Create a Colorado/Denver History Timeline with 20 events and 10 pictures. Here is a great place to start.

o    STUDY GUIDE: Create a concept map for the current unit as a test review and turn it in on the day of the test. 

o    FIELD TRIP: Visit a mine (perhaps with your family) and take a tour. Here is a list of mines. Write a report on what you learned and saw on your trip. 1 page typed single spaced OR 2 pages handwritten single spaced.

o    RESEARCH: Choose a pseudoscience discussed in class. Research this topic and how it's believers look at data and attempt to prove their claims. Explain why this pseudoscience is NOT a science using evidence from your research. 

o    FIELD TRIP: View the IMAX film "Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure" at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Give Mrs. ZB your ticket stub and tell her about your favorite parts of the movie either in person, on paper or in an email. Movie times and information here.

o    WORKSHEET: Read and complete questions about the Grand Canyon. Find the packet in the very back of the handouts drawer in room 124.

o    ENGINEERING: Record earthquakes by making your seismograph. Bring in your machine and demonstrate how it works. See design ideas here and here

o    CURRENT EVENT: Earth Science Article Report, see instruction sheet at the bottom of the page in the attachments section.

o    YOUR IDEA: Have an idea for a project? Discuss with Mrs. ZB before starting.





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