A Stellar Project

Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of stellar evolution and make comparisons to the human life cycle.

Task: Create a record of a star’s life from preconception until post-death.


1.        Select a star with a particular mass other than the mass of our sun. Use your HR Diagram packet to choose your star.

2.       Using appropriate internet information, determine the following:

  • How the star formed
  • How long the star will burn and how hot will it be/is (based on color changes)
  • How the star will die

3.      Use this information, in addition to general information about all stars, to construct a baby book for your star. Think about the types of things you would put into a human baby book and think of stellar parallels to stages in human development. Include the following key elements as a part of your stellar baby book:

  • An H-R diagram for your star, including labeling its location on the graph at each stage during its life.
  • A timeline representing how much time your star spends at each stage.
  • An appropriate picture for each stage of the life cycle.
  • About 100 words to describe each  stage of the star and how it relates to a human’s life stage
  • You may choose to write the book from an objective scientist point of view or that of a parent.

4.      Use one of the following media types to publicly display your baby book.

  • Mixbook
  • Google Presentation
  • Google Site
  • Wikispace
  • Blogger
  • Heritage Makers
  • Have another idea? Get it approved first!

5.      One your book is completed, complete this formYou will need to copy and paste the link to your baby book as well as answer a few questions. If you are working as a partner team only one of you will need to complete this step.



Point Value

Includes correct and complete information


Uses an appropriate media type

Format is a baby book


Accurately completes form


Work grade: Day 1


Work grade: Day 2