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The Scoop on Old Poop

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Answer the following questions in your notebook. Remember, complete sentences will help you on the next quiz!

T     F   1.  A coprolite is a piece of fossilized feces

T     F   2.  Excrement of animals does not give us any indication of their environment

T     F   3.  Color, size and shape are reliable ways to distinguish feces of dead animals.

T     F   4.  Real animal dung is characterized by the presence of phosphate

T     F   5.  It is easy to tell the difference between feces of vegetarians and carnivores

T     F   6.  The largest coprolite found is about 1 liter in volume

T     F   7.  A coprolite from a Tyrannosaurus was found in the United States

T     F   8.  Carnivorous dinosaurs can digest the bone of their prey

T     F   9.  Dung beetles were around at the same time as the Tyrannosaurus

T     F   10.  Dinosaurs only eat the leaves of trees, not the wood parts of the tree.


Multiple Choice   Circle the letter for your response


11.  Which is found in feces of dead animals?


            a.  Ingested plants or animals

            b.  High concentration of phosphate

            c.  High concentration of silicates

            d.  A and B


12.  How old is the coprolite from the Tyrannosaurus in the article?


            a.  2 million years old

            b.  10 million years old

            c.  65 million years old

            d.  150 million years old


13.  What was the environment like around where the T-Rex was found?


            a.  A desert area sparse of any other living creatures

            b.  A waterhole where several different species of animals and plants lived

            c.  A mountainous area with few plants but many different animals

            d.  An area where only other carnivores have been discovered


14.  What relationship do dung beetles have with feces of larger animals?


            a.  Dung beetles feed off of the feces of larger animals

            b.  Dung beetles use the feces as shelter

            c.  Dung beetles lay their eggs in the feces

            d.  Dung beetles use feces to protect themselves from other predators


15.  What animals could the T-Rex have lived off of?


            a.  Dung Beetles

            b.  Triceratops

            c.  Edmontosaurus

d.  Maiasaurus

e.  All of the above