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Space Weather Online Scavenger Hunt

You will need headphones for videos and podcasts linked below. 

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Solar Wind

Go to VIDEOS: Showing: Solar Wind.

    1.      What is the solar wind?


    Go to VISUALIZATIONS Showing: the Sun and watch “Coronal Mass Ejections” before you watch the next video.

     2.      What is a Coronal Mass Ejection?

3.      Discovery of the solar wind changed our notion that space is empty.  How fast is it going?  How dense is it?  How hot is it?  How far does it extend, etc. 


Earth’s Magnetosphere

Go to Videos. Showing: Magnetosphere

4.      What is the earth’s magnetosphere?

5.      How does the sun effect the earth’s magnetosphere?

6.      Why does the magnetosphere have a squashed or oblong shape to it?

7.      How Does the Earth's Magnetic Field Protect Us From Space Radiation?

8.      Listen to the magnetosphere.  Describe something you find interesting at this site.


Geomagnetic Storms


9.      Describe how a solar storm would build in space.  What happens at Earth 8 minutes after a flare or CME? 

10.  What happens hours later? 

11.  What happens days later?


Effects on Earth

12.  Describe the effects of a magnetic storm on satellites. 

13.  Describe the effects of a magnetic storm on astronauts.

14.  Describe the effects of a magnetic storm on communications.

15.  Describe the effects of a magnetic storm on Homing pigeons or aircraft.


Today’s Space Weather

16 Describe the condition of the sun and space weather today. 

17.  What is the density of the solar wind today?

18.  What is the speed of the solar wind today? 

19.  Describe today’s sunspot activity.

20.  Is there any Solar Flare activity predicted for today?


Local Connection

21.  What is the (NOAA) Space Environment Center, where is it located and what is done there?

22.  What are the three rating scales that NOAA has to indicate the severity of space weather events?  Describe one or two things about a particular scale that strike you as interesting. 

Lynee' Zajac Beck,
Apr 3, 2013, 7:46 AM