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Observational Astronomy Concept Map

1. Download the Cmap program here. The program is FREE and does work on a Mac.

2. Using the Cmap program, create a concept map on OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMY. 

    •  Make accurate connections between concepts (links)
    •  Show your in-depth understanding of the topic by adding additional concepts and links
    •  Must be high school quality information
    • Use color, line types and fonts to distinguish important headings from general facts
    •  Include the following concepts
          • parallax
          • absolute magnitude
          • apparent magnitude
          • light pollution
          • astrology
          • precession
          • starfinder
          • constellation
          • celestial sphere
          • horizon
          • mythology
          • polaris
          • zenith
          • asterism
          • motion of the earth
3. When finished, go to File, then Save Cmap As, choose Image. Email the image file to your teacher at