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Movie Critique

You have recently become a member of an elite group called Moviewatchers for Accurate Science (MAS). 
The group watches films and critiques them for the producers, directors, screenwriters of the movie.
Task: Watch a physics/astronomy-based movie. You will be graded on the level of critical thinking, accurate science and the effort your paper shows. Report on the scientific aspects of the movie (no more than 2 pages typed pages - quality over quantity). 

1. Give a scientific summary.

2. What aspects of the movie were scientifically correct? Why were these parts correct? Provide quotes or scenes from the movie to illustrate your examples.

3. Use expert scientific references to explain why parts of the movie were scientifically correct. Provide quotes or scenes from the movie to illiustrate your examples.

4. What suggestions do you have for the directors and producers of the movie to make it more accurate? Be specific - this is an example, "Have the lead characters drive away in a tank instead of a Porsche because that model car does not have non-melting which would be necessary to escape the gravitational field of the UFO."

5. Must have at least 3 references, include a bibliography.