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Modern Physics

Multiple dimensions

Watch the endings of Men In Black 1 and Men In Black 2 and this clip from Horton Hears a Who

1. Could these be realistic examples of how multiple dimensions work? Explain your position and provide real life observational evidence to support your opinion.

Try these multiple dimension mazes

2. Explain the trick to solving the puzzles. Simplify your directions as if for a fifth grader.


Time Travel

Read this article about time travel paradoxes

3. Why is “tunneling” a concern to engineers?
4. Name two theoretical ways of time traveling.
5. Explain the famous “Grandfather Paradox”.
6. Explain a time travel paradox from a movie. There are several mentioned in the article or choose your own.

Follow the instructions to operate this animation.

7. How does changing the spaceships speed impact the ages of the twins?
8. What is Einstein’s idea of time dilation?


Work through the 6 page CERN tutorial.  

9. Explain how play dough can be used to describe antimatter.
10. What happens when matter and antimatter meet?
11. Why might some be concerned about what CERN is doing with antimatter?