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Cosmology Choice Project Gallery Walk

Review 5 presentations of your choice, other than your own. Complete a form for each presentation. (5 pts each)

You may complete up to 2 additional reviews for bonus points.

If your project is not listed here, you have not submitted it!

  1. What is a wormhole?
  2. According to what theory is time travel within a wormhole possible?
  3. Is travel through a wormhole possible? Explain.
  4. Have wormholes ever been seen?
  5. Is what other cosmological body do worm holes exist?

Gamma Ray Bursts by Alec T and Camille A - needs to be made public
  1. How long so Gamma Ray Bursts last?
  2. How bright are GRB?
  3. When were they discovered?
  4. How were they discovered?
  5. Define Gamma Ray Bursts.
  1. What 2 of Einstein's ideas were used?
  2. How many dimensions are there?
  3. How many dimensions did Einstein think there were?
  4. What movie could you reference to explain multiple dimensions? Explain your answer.
  5. What were the names of the 2 physicists that put Einstiens theories together?
  1. How long ago did the Big Bang occur?
  2. How were galaxies made?
  3. What are the three possible shapes of the universe?
  4. Once the universe reaches its maximum density, what will happen?
  5. What are some things that the universe is made up of?
  1. When were the two theories brought up?
  2. What is the effect of General Relativity?
  3. What does Special Relativity relate to?
  4. Who created the theories of Relativity?
  5. What form of science does Relativity relate to?

  1. What is superstring theory?
  2. What is the full name of superstring theory?
  3. What are fermions?
  4. How many types of theories are there?
  5. What is the Planck Length, and what do harmonics of strings do?
  1. Who created Olber's paradox?
  2. What century was it created?
  3. What is Olber's paradox?
  4. Name three explanations for the paradox?
  5. Which two explanations are the most plausable?

UFO Hoaxes by Lucy P
  1. What does UFO stand for?
  2. What are two reasons why UFOs are said to be real?
  3. How and why could UFOs be seen as a myth?
  4. What did the Government do that didn't allow us to gain more information from secret documents when they were released?
  5. What did the Government do that didn't allow us to gain more information from secret documents when they were released?
  1. What is a UFO Hoax?
  2. What Is A Crop Circle?
  3. What was the great UFO Hoax of 2009?
  4. What was the conclustion to the Morristown Hoax?
  5. What were people convinced when seeing crop circles?
  1. What was the Great UFO Hoax of 2009?
  2. When did they see the UFO in Jerusalem?
  3. Do you think the videos really have UFO?
  4. What did skeptics say about Jerusalem?
  5. Why would the ships be so small?

  1. Is time travel possible?
  2. What is a wormhole?
  3. What is the fabric that mass can bend?
  4. Who came up with the theory of relativity?
  5. Can we travel back in time? Explain.

  1. When and were did scenario one take place?
  2. What did they find in Scenario one?
  3. Where in colorado was scenario two? what was in the sky?
  4. What movie is the most famous alien form from?
  5. What do you believe? 
  1. What does the M stand for?
  2. What other theory is this one like?
  3. proving the existence of what?
  4. M-theory attempts  unite the ____ string theories 
  5. Some relations were so strong that they could be thought of as a ______________.
White holes by Cody C and Alex K - link needed
  1. Can anything including light escape a white hole?
  2. Do white holes attract matter like other masses?
  3. How did the theory of white hole come into theory? 
  4. what is the oppisite of a white hole?
  5. Have white holes been proven to exist?
  1. What Method Of Time Travel Is A One Way Street?
  2. What Kind Of Energy Is Used To Open Wormholes?
  3. What Method Of Time Travel Uses Speed?
  4. What Episode Did They Use Anti-Time?
  5. What Kind Of Strings Could Be Used For Time Travel?
  1. What dimension is represented by a single point?
  2. Which dimension represents the future?
  3. Which dimension represents the past?
  4. [FROM VIDEO] How many sides does a Mobius Strip have?
  5. [FROM VIDEO] What is infinity described as, in simplest terms?
  1. Do white holes exist?
  2. How do we know that?
  3. Do white holes have matter inside of them?
  4. Where are they located?
  5. What do physicists say?

  1. How many Quasars are known?
  2. How far away are most Quasars known to be? (In lightyears)
  3. In what constallation is the brightest Quasar?
  4. Do Quasars have an effect on the universe? (True/false)
  5. What is a Quasar?
  1. What year was string theory introduced?
  2. Who was the person who thought up the idea of string theory?
  3. What is the theory behind dtring theory?
  4. What are three different String Theories?
  5. What is super string theory?
  1. What is Grand Unified Theory?
  2. What are the Four Forces of Grand Unified Theory?
  3. What is the Theory of Everything?
  4. What is the difference between the Grand Unification Theory (GUT) & the Theory of Everything (TOE)?
  5. Will we ever really know what Grand Unification Theory is?