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Cosmology Choice Project

Choose an cosmology topic that you are interested in (see the list below for some ideas), research your topic and create a Web 2.0 presentation. Your presentation will be viewed by the class so the information should be understandable to high school students. Design 5 questions that can be answered by your presentation. Fill out the form below to send your questions and link to the presentation to your teacher.

Your information must be submitted on the form below by Friday April 29. We will do an online gallery walk on Monday May 2.

  • Sign up for your topic before you begin. Topics may only be used once per class.

    Cosmology Choice project Sign up Sheet

  • Use a web-based presentation tool.You may NOT do a typical powerpoint

    Google Presentation – A tool for creating media rich presentations online with Flash and Ajax. You can share them with the public and allow them to be voted on.
    280 Slides
  • Be careful to not plagiarize - cite the source of every picture and quote that you use. Know the information well enough to put it in your own words.

  • No matter which style or topic you choose, your presentation must be high school quality in terms of accuracy and depth of content, length and appearance.

  • Partners should work on different slides to avoid writing over each other's work.

    Cosmology Choice Project