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Holistic Animal Care

My cat, Mikhail, became sick in 2006 during the pet food crisis. He was ill for months with liver issues and eventually suffered heart failure. I made the decision to euthanize him on February 28, 2007. Since then, I have learned as much as I can about holistic animal care, including homeopathy, pet acupuncture, nutrition and behavior modification. I have slowly changed over to a raw diet for both my cats and dogs, improving their health, energy levels and even some behavior issues.

I still take my pets to the vet, but we no longer give them vaccines except for the required rabies vaccine every three years. After this vaccine, they are given a dose of thuja to help their bodies cope with the introduced foreign matter. Some of the most recent research suggests that vaccines should be given, at most, every three years. Some even recommend no vaccines for elderly or ill animals.

My favorite resources

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Dr. Richard Pitcairn - wrote the BEST book on the subject
Boulder's Natural Animal - a veterianary center in Boulder, Colorado